April 2020

Standard Tile Layer

A number of default user-agents and heavy use apps have had their access to tile.openstreetmap.org restricted. If you are developing software using the OSMF tile servers, be sure to follow the tile usage policy.

Tile servers are being upgraded to OpenStreetMap Carto 5.1.0.

New tile caches

New tile caches were set up. Gackelchen, hosted by Gandi in Bissen, Luxembourg and Kokosnuss, hosted by Strato in Germany thanks to Max Michels.

Hardware upgrades

New API database servers have arrived in Amsterdam and the UK. The UK server is awaiting a trip to UCL which needs to be scheduled with COVID-19 restrictions.

Two new servers to replace stormfly-01 and stormfly-02 have arrived in OSUOSL but are awaiting a trip to the data center which needs to be scheduled with COVID-19 restrictions.

Planet Replication

Hourly replication was briefly stopped with an osmosis bug. This was fixed by upgrading osmosis.


Nominatim has moved to nginx for web serving.


Network issues between UCL and Github CI are being debugged


Our domain registrar, Gandi, is now supporting OpenStreetMap with free registration.