March 2020

The CGI:IRC page has been upgraded to redirect to the official OFTC webchat IRC. You can continue to use, use, or use your choice of IRC client.

A number of default user-agents and heavy use apps have had their access to restricted. If you are developing software using the OSMF tile servers, be sure to follow the tile usage policy.

Tile servers are being upgraded to OpenStreetMap Carto 5.0.0 which involves a database reload.


OSM JSON format is now available in production. Supported endpoints are listed on the OSM API 0.6 wiki page.

Four additional API 0.6 endpoints are now being directed to CGImap.

Upgrade of cgimap

cgimap was upgraded from 0.7.5 to version 0.8.1. JSON output is enabled by default now.

See release notes for a list of all new features/bug fixes.


The OWG has approved a new banner policy for event banners on

The tile usage policy has been amended to reflect current practice and the increased load on the tile infrastructure.

Hardware refresh

New servers have been ordered for the API database and to replace the HP DL360 G6 in OSUOSL. The API DB servers may be delayed due to supply issues on CPUs. The replacement HP DL360 G6 may be delayed due to work restrictions caused by COVID-19.

New tile caches

Many new tile caches were setup

Cache Location Host
stormfly-01 Corvallis, Oregon OSUOSL, hardware provided by OSMF
gorwen Bogotá, Colombia edgeuno
neak France faimaison
meraxes Paris, Fance Scaleway
naga Paris, France MilkyWan
fuchur São Paulo, Brasil edgeuno
idris Buenos Aires, Argentina edgeuno
glaedr Bogotá, Colombia edgeuno

And albi, a new tile server from Scaleway in Paris, France.