This is the OWG plan for 2022Q3 and 2022Q4. It will form the basis for a budget when a budget request is recieved from the OSMF Board. This budget will get us in sync with the OSMF budgeting cycle.

Hardware capital costs and subscription costs are based on current prices and may change based on the market.

All costs are converted in Euros, but may be incurred in USD or GBP. For the purposes of budgeting, 1 EUR = 0.86 GBP = 1.05 USD. Costs do not include VAT.

As in previous years, a 🔴low, 🟡medium, and 🟢high option is presented. Under the low option essential services would remain running, but capital costs and maintenance would be deferred and some secondary services would need to reduce in scope.

Current ongoing costs

These are costs that we are already committed to with ongoing services, and their costs have started in the past.

Cloud Hosting

Some of our services rely on cloud hosting, as well as internal uses like backups and logging.

Item Operational cost Capital cost
🔴Cloud hosting € 9 000  

Amsterdam site hosting

Amsterdam is a primary hosting location. This includes budgeting for necessary network upgrades.

Item Operational cost Capital cost
🔴Power and space € 5 400  
🔴Network € 4 500  
🔴Remote hands € 300  

Dublin site hosting

Dublin is a primary hosting location.

Item Operational cost Capital cost
🔴Power and space € 7 080  
🔴Network € 4 500  
🔴Remote hands € 300  


We use subscriptions for domains, monitoring, and other services

Item Operational cost Capital cost
🔴Subscriptions € 500  


We assume that the admin assistant and treasurer will have insurance options for 2022Q3.

Item Operational cost Capital cost
🔴Subscriptions € 3 000  


Network redundancy

Currently each site has a single uplink, leading to an outage if that link is interrupted, and redundancy is obtained by having key services at multiple locations. We want to have redundant uplinks at each location for resilancy.

Item Operational cost Capital cost
🟡Network € 8 000 € 1 000


A Nominatim server is due for update in 2022.

Item Operational cost Capital cost
🟡Nominatim server   1x € 11 500

US rendering server

The tile service is at capacity in the US. The current OSM US-provided server is due for replacement. We are looking at donation options, but anticipate a need to replace the existing server regardless.

Item Operational cost Capital cost
🔴Tile server   1x € 11 500

Additional generic hardware

We may take on additional services like coastline generation, Discourse, more tertiary services, and other projects that require hardware. We can run this on retired hardware temporarily or as a test, but will require long-term hosting on more recent hardware.

Item Operational cost Capital cost
🟢Generic servers   2x € 5 000


UCL to Dublin hardware replacement

We have some services hosted in UCL Slough that we intend to move to Dublin, and the hardware is due for replacement.

Item Operational cost Capital cost
🟡Generic servers   2x € 5 000

New map rendering technology server

We would like to experiment with new map rendering technologies when the development community has produced one. This could be some form of client-side rendering. This item depends on work outside the scope of the OWG.

This item could be advanced in schedule if the development community produces the required software sooner.

Item Operational cost Capital cost
🟢Map rendering server   1x € 11 500

Dev server

The dev server (errol) hosts the development APIs and is used by community members for various projects. It is long-overdue for replacement, and without replacement would need to be shut down.

Item Operational cost Capital cost
🟡Dev server   1x € 13 000

Unbudgeted costs

SRE costs

The SRE will have costs for salary, taxes, training, and other overhead. As the OWG is not in charge of this budget item, it is not included.


The OWG will continue to need note-taking and minutes administrative support for 13 meetings in the budget period.


Travel for one person to Amsterdam or Dublin is expected to be required.


Supply chain

There is a global shortage of many computer components leading to increased lead times and prices. Current prices are stable, but lead times are elevated.

Loss of sponsorship

We have moved the tile CDN to Fastly, a commercial provider who is sponsoring the costs. If we were to loose sponsorship we would need to make arrangements for a new CDN on a rush basis. This would likely cost € 120 000 for the first month, plus new ongoing costs.


Included in the totals is

Expense 🔴 🟡 🟢
Operational Expense € 34 580 € 42 580 € 42 580
Capital expenses (servers) € 11 500 € 47 000 € 68 500
Replacement parts and labor for new servers € 575 € 2 350 € 3 425
Contingency € 3 454 € 9 179 € 12 404
VAT € 11 024 € 22 244 € 27 920
Total € 61 133 € 123 353 € 154 829