Feburary 2021


The OWG has submitted a proposed 2021 (Q2-Q2) budget to the board. Work is underway at estimating 2022 and 2023 spending.


The minutely replication diffs have switched from being produced by Osmosis to being produced by osmdbt. This required a maintenance window, but was intended to have no user-visible changes to replication.

Some software including osmupdate stopped working because it required a specific comment line to be present. The comment has been re-added, and there is now official documentation of the state.txt format.


The OWG has decided that all requests for the sysadmins to install a new wiki extension should be made by wiki admins.

For any extension requests, the sysadmins will have to consider the cost of maintaining it, and have a strong bias to only enable modules that ship with mediawiki itself.

CyclOSM has been added to the featured layer list on the OpenStreetMap website.