December 2020

Operations Meetings

The OWG has been holding fortnightly meetings with interested people working on specific operations-related topics. This allows people to help without the time committment of joining the OWG. If this interests you, you can contact us by email.

Tile Service

The OWG has switched all tile traffic to Fastly. If you proxy requests to, you must ensure you set the Host header to “ and set a User-Agent to correctly identify who you are. We are considering what to do with the old cache servers, and if some of them can be repurposed. We will begin contacting people shortly.

The current tile logs will not be using the correct data until we figure out new log analysis options.

Development server

The OWG is considering what to do with errol, the dev server. The current hardware is dated, and a lot of stuff running on it is unmaintained.