November 2020

Operations Meetings

The OWG has been holding fortnightly meetings with interested people working on specific operations-related topics. This allows people to help without the time committment of joining the OWG. If this interests you, you can contact us by email.

Planet Replication

A test of new software to power the replication feed is running. This software osmdbt will replace Osmosis for generating replication diffs.

We are looking to have users test this new feed for correctness to make sure it works with their update processes and software. To use it adjust your replication URL from to We intend to offer hourly and daily update streams like are provided right now. When using the new diffs, there are several things to be aware of

We are particularly interested in reports from people who have written custom OSM diff fetching code, as they may find different bugs in osmdbt or their own code that the standard software does not.

If you have questions or issues, please comment on


The OWG has been testing Prometheus for monitoring as a replacement for Munin.

Tile CDN

The OWG has been testing Fastly, a commercial CDN and requested approval from the board to switch to it.

A bug in the monitoring for the existing tile CDN was found that caused the total usage at the nginx caches to appear to be 8 times real usage. Per-machine graphs were correct and squid total usage graphs were correct.


stormfly-01 and stormfly-02, former servers in the US have been donated to OSGeo instead of scrapping them.