July 2020


The OWG has announced that trac will be set to read-only at the end of July 2020, and SVN will become read-only in August.

OSM Help

A dependency on external javascript files made the interface of OpenStreetMap help unusable. This was fixed by locally hosting the Javascript. Help is wanted finding an alternative to the current help software.

Website outage

A memory leak in planet-dump-ng caused the storage server to run slow. Because the same server handles NFS, it slowed it down which caused web rails processes to lock while waiting for NFS, which eventually starved web server of works and caused the queue issue.

What we doing to fix?

  1. We’ll get planetdump-ng fixed.
  2. Ops team have discussed splitting up ironbelly.
  3. User images now use S3 as storage backend, once Rails 6.1 is available we plan to add code to move GPX data to S3, and remove the requirement for the NFS server.


The operations team is experimenting with a commercial CDN, starting with the preview page for imagery servers and preparing to test with the embed functionality on the website.