May 2020


The network issues between UCL and Github were diagnosed as a faulty UCL firewall and fixed.


The new database servers, snap-01 and snap-02 have been racked and connected.

Standard tile layer

Tile servers are upgraded to OpenStreetMap Carto 5.2.0.

New tile caches were set up. Falkor, hosted by Vodafone in Prague, Czech Republic and Shruikan, hosted by greenminihost in Dronten, Netherlands.


4 1U servers were removed from UCL for disposal.

Several failed or failing disks were replaced in machines.

Two servers to replace stormfly-01 and stormfly-02 have been installed at OSUOSL. One is planned to be a tile cache.


Some services have been upgraded to Ubuntu 20.04.

We have approved ÖPNVKarte as a new featured layer on More submissions for featured layers are welcome and will be evaluated when they come in.