January 2019

New tile caches

New tile caches were set up. Norbert, hosted by Grifon in Rennes, France, Chrysophylax, hosted by iWay in Zurich, Switzerland, Necrosan, hosted by MilkyWan in Paris, France, Keizer, supported by Schwarzer ID and hosted by Hetzner in Nuremberg, Germany, and Naga, supported by Dorian and hosted by ProxGroup in Paris, France.


OSQA, the software that powers help.openstreetmap.org, was moved to a Python virtualenv. This allowed the server hosting it to be upgraded to the latest version of Ubuntu.

OSQA needs to be replaced by maintained software. An updated summary of options was written. If you have expertise in open-source QA software, the OWG could use your help

Mailing list configuration

With the OSQA moves, the server running the mailing lists was upgraded and long-standing issue of mailing list emails bounced based on DMARC settings has been resolved. For more information about DMARC and the changes, see LinuxChix’s FAQ for their lists.

Tile logs

Generation of anonymized tile logs has resumed.


The Thanks extension has been enabled on the OSM wiki. It describes itself as “a quick way to give positive feedback for productive contributions to MediaWiki sites. It allows users to send public ‘thank you’ notifications to other users for their individual edits and some logged actions.”


The stylesheet on tile.openstreetmap.org was updated to v4.19.0