February 2017

Switch to Let’s Encrypt

The various wildcard certificates used to support secure SSL connections to the various web sites were replaced by Let’s Encrypt certificates allowing the inclusion of various additional names and domains to those where we are able to offer secure connections. See issues #145 and #133

Plugin for OSM membership wiki

A plugin was installed for the OSM membership wiki following a search for one which was currently maintained. See issue #148.

Failing disk in services server - or maybe not?

A disk in the services and planet server, ironbelly, appeared to be failing. After some investigation it seems that the problem may have been the RAID controller spinning down the disk without waiting for it to finish SMART tests. Switching the disk to spun-up status appears to have fixed the issue, although we will watch to see if any further errors occur. See issues #146 and #130.

No OOB access to Nominatim machine

We were unable to contact the nominatim machine, dulcy, on its “out of band” address, which would have made it difficult to recover the server remotely if it had crashed. The issue appeared to be that we had previously run out of allocated IP address space and been unable to allocate an IP for it. Now that we have fewer machines at IC, the team there were able to allocate an address for us. See issue #139.

Wiki upgrade

The main wiki, and before that the foundation wikis, were upgraded to Mediaiki 1.28 in order to get PHP 7.0 support which then allowed the machines involved to be upgraded to Ubuntu 16.04.

Wiki search index rebuilt

As a result of the mediawiki upgrade the wiki search index had to be rebuilt, but the rebuild was failing while syntax highlighting a complex .BAT file. After several rebuilds, back-porting the pygments plugin from a more recent version of Ubuntu allowed the index to be built, and it should now be working normally. See issue #151.