December 2016

Disk issues on planet server

The global hot-spare disk, which is not in use but kept in the server so that it can use it as a spare if another disk fails, seems to be having problems. It’s not clear at this point exactly what the problem is, but might simply need re-seating to ensure a good connection. Issue.

Discussion about communication channels

WeeklyOSM contacted OWG to ask if we could host a Mattermost server, which turned into a more general discussion about OSMF’s policy towards open source and self-hosting and suitability of the existing communications channels. While interesting, such a general conversation is off-topic for OWG’s issue tracker (itself a proprietary communication channel), but it’s not clear where it would be on-topic. Issue.

Operations has a new website!

Operations has a new website to bring together various operational information, including policies, contact information and these activity summaries. The site is intended to replace other pages about OWG on the wiki and elsewhere, and removing those other pages will happen in due course. Issue.

UCL server moves - 7th Dec

UCL Bartlett Centre, who have been generously hosting OpenStreetMap since it began, asked us to move our servers out to a special-purpose datacentre just outside of London. This move lifts several restrictions we had in the previous server room around power supply and cooling capacity, and it’s hoped that we’ll be able to expand to make better use of the new site shortly.

Moving the servers from central London and setting them up in their new home was time-consuming and, although everything went well, meant that many secondary services were not available between 0800-1900 on the 7th. The website and API were fully available, however. Issue.