June 2016

Upgrading machines to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Work on upgrading machines to Ubuntu Xenial Xerus continues with the web servers running the main site the most recent machines to be upgraded.

Migration of web service to IC

As part of the work on upgrading the web servers the web service was migrated back from Bytemark to Imperial College and our slave database server, ramoth, was bought back into use without any further problems.

Disk replacement in Kessie

Kessie, the aerial imagery server generously hosted by Exonetric, had a failed disk. It was replaced under warranty. More details.

UCL access issues resolved

Issues which had made it very difficult to access servers hosted at UCL were resolved, allowing other maintenance to go ahead.

Disk replacement in Yevaud

A disk failed in yevaud, one of the tile rendering servers, and was replaced. Unfortunately, the disk used for replacement had been mis-labelled and was itself faulty. More details.

Karm benchmarking

In order to get the best performance from the new database server, benchmarking is underway to determine what settings may be necessary to get good performance from the novel NVMe hardware. More details.

Planet dump delayed

The planet dump was delayed due to an extra-long changeset comment uncovering a software bug.