February 2016

IC power disruption

In order to carry out maintenance, one of the power distribution units at IC was shut down. All of OSM’s machines at IC have reduncant PSUs on separate supplies, but just in case of secondary failures spike-01 and thorn-01 were moved onto separate supplies.

SSL certificate renewed

Although letsencrypt looks like being a much better way to do SSL certificates in the future, there are still many issues with Java. In these early stages, letsencrypt also imposes rate limits which make using their certificates quite onerous. Until these issues are sorted out, it seems like it would cause too much disruption to move now - it will be re-assessed next year. Ticket.

28 Feb outage

There were about 3 hours of intermittent downtime between 04:00 and 10:00 UTC due to abuse of the website by one or more individuals scraping the list of GPX traces. Blocks were put in place to mitigate the abuse.