August 2015

Reporting Security Issues

We’ve set up a new email address for reporting any security issues that aren’t suitable for public bug trackers.

Network driver issues

A reboot exposed some network driver issues on pummelzacken. After some investigation, it was found that the upgrade to the 3.16.0-47 kernel appeared to be responsible. This was confirmed when downgrading fixed the issue. Chef was updated to pin the kernel to this version to prevent further issues, although at some point we’ll have to test a newer kernel version to get back on the mainline.

Failing disk replacements

Disks failed in yevaud, a tile server, and katla, the main DB server, and were replaced under warranty.

Restart Taginfo server

Grindtooth, which had been a taginfo server, but was shut down to conserve power was restarted. Due to a mix-up it was also wiped clean, but that’s why we’ve got Chef. It is a candidate for moving to a new site, generously sponsored by Exonetric.

Backfill planets

A couple of planet files, 2015-07-06 & 2015-06-29, had failed to generate due to sofware errors. After that bug had been fixed, the missing planet files were regenerated.

SATA issues continue

In the on-going Saga of the Cables, the cables were swapped out again in poldi. Unfortunately, the errors continue. The current thinking is that the SATA backplane is to blame.

Getting rid of old hardware

The 3 old web / API backend machines were replaced last month were still worth something, so rather than being scrapped, were put up for sale.