May 2015

Pummelzacken kernel instability

It has been a while since we’ve seen the kernel issue and we’ve not seen it on any upgraded machine, so it looks like it’s fixed.

Pummelzacken firmware updates

Updated the BIOS, RAID controller and IPMI firmware to the latest available versions. See the ticket for all the details.

Fixed multiple-node bug in cgimap

There was a bug in cgimap, software which serves some of the OSM API, which was causing requests where an element ID was listed twice to incorrectly return a “not found” response. This was fixed and the new version deployed. See the ticket for more details.

Updated SSL certificates

Re-issued certificates to use 2048 bit keys and SHA-2 hashes instead of the older, weaker SHA-1 hashes. This means that browsers, particularly Chrome, will continue to display HTTPS connections to OSM without warnings and ensures that everyone has a safe browsing experience.

Added Facebook and Windows Live logins

Added support for Facebook and Windows Live Authentication via the new omniauth based authentication setup. This means anyone can sign up for an OSM account and login using their Facebook or Windows Live accounts, which should be more convenient for some users. See the pull request for more information.

Upgrade of orm to Ubuntu 14.04

Following the successful (if somewhat unplanned) reinstall of yevaud with Ubuntu 14.04 the second tile server, orm, was upgraded. A side effect is that both tile servers are now running Postgres 9.4 and Postgis 2.1 for the rendering database.

Chef server upgrade

The chef server was upgraded chef 12.