April 2015


Updated to 1.3.x - see the ticket for more information.

HTTPS support in SVN

Added HTTPS support to the SVN repository, so that code can be fetched and pushed securely. See the ticket for more information.

Yevaud memory

One of the tile servers’ memory was upgraded to 96GB as part of efforts to ensure that our origin tile rendering servers are able to keep up with changes to the map. This follows upgrades to the disks and controller, and now the work split between the rendering servers matches the intended ratio. See the ticket for more information.

Yevaud upgrade to 14.04LTS

The memory upgrade above either exposed or created an issue with the version of the kernel that yevaud was running. No amount of fiddling with the BIOS seemed to help, and the system was stable under memtest - suggesting a kernel issue, but no backport of a more recent kernel was available. So the work of upgrading the server to 14.04 was necessary. See these commits for all the details.

Google OAuth support

Support for logging in with Google was updated to use OpenID COnnect (aka OAuth) as Google are withdrawing support for traditional OpenID logins.