October 2014

Database Swap

During a maintenance window on the 26th October 2014 we switched postgresql servers roles of ramoth and katla. Katla is now the primary database server while ramoth is slave.

At a later date we will be coverting ramoth’s storage array from RAID10 to RAID6 to increase available storage.

Ironbelly (server)

On the 15th October 2014, Grant installed 2x extra 4TB harddisks to grow the storage array as we were nearing the storage capacity. Ironbelly was upgraded to Ubuntu 14.04 LTS during the maintenance window.

Ouroboros (server)

On the 15th October 2014, Grant swapped out the Ouroboros machine with a replacement machine. The original machine had a number of components failing (PSU + RAM). The new machine uses flash based battery backup (lower maintenance).

Pummelzacken (Nominatim server)

After the complete reinitialization of the server, pummelzacken showed no further signs of hardware failures. We have put it in production on 8th October 2014 and has been serving as the primary Nominatim server since then.

Poldi (Nominatim server)

The RAID on the machine failed on 15th October 2014. It is now awaiting maintenance.

Once the hardware problems are solved, it is planned to put it back into production as a secondary Nominatim server.

Network Outage

We were affected by a network outage on October 31st at both our main datacentres. The outage was at JANET, the UK’s academic network, which serves both sites.